What to Wear?

Lately I’ve been waking up to find that everything in my closet is blah. I’m not excited by anything, like oh! I got a new top and it would go perfectly with those jeans I love! No, instead I spend the better part of an hour running back and forth between my closet and the mirror trying to piece layers and outfits together to form something that looks at least medium ok. And of course I end up with something I only feel mediocre about, so all day I’m thinking blech, I wish I were wearing something completely different. And I’m not alone! I’ve talked to countless others who can’t get it together in the wardrobe department this time of year! Which leads me to this all-important question,

There is always this awkward in-between season right at the end of winter, but way before spring starts (at least up here in blistery cold Chicago!) that clothes in the stores are just blah. Designers (and forever 21) need to start creating cuteness for this time of year! Or maybe I should just move. :)
ok, rant over. back to business as usual!

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