Pick Two Tuesday { HORROR HAIR STORIES }

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So, I don’t usually dish on photo tuesdays, just let the images stand alone, but I have to share my horror hair story with you all. I went to the salon last week and left in tears 3.5 hours later. They over-processed my hair to the point that the ends were completely fried and breaking off. After the stylist caught his mistake he spent the next 2 hours applying product after product to cover it up. I know that it’s not totally his fault and that mistakes happen, but the worst part of the whole thing was his comments, like “are you mad at me?” and “i just feel so terrible, like it’s my fault”. More than anything I just wanted to get away from him to douse my hair in a deep conditioning mask and lay in a hot bath. 
Anyway, a word to the wise—Wella deep conditioner is a miracle in a jar.

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