Office Holiday Party: What to wear???

This year will be my first time attending a real office holiday party. The one I went to last year was for a Real Estate company, which really shouldn’t count. So it feels like this year will be my first :)
What do you wear to a party where everyone is creative and super adorable? Here are some tips I’ve picked up…
Rule #1: make it your own. If you buy a dress that you love, pair it with funky wedges or a cocktail ring to put your own spin on it.
Rule #2: keep it professional…but not too professional. In an occupation where jeans and hoodies are workwear, pretty much anything goes. And while remaining professional is important off-hours, quirky shapes and cut-outs are totally acceptable!
Rule #3: have fun! Don’t just wear a red cardigan over a simple LBD, add some embellishment, color or accessories to your ensemble to spice the Holiday up!
Check out some of my Office Holiday Party picks:
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