the new design me daily

Hello and welcome to the new Design Me Daily! I’m so excited to start fresh with a new look, a new name and a new outlook on this blog and what it means to me. When I originally started blogging, it was just a way for me to collect my inspiration and catalog the things I love in life. Since then, it has become a part of me. It’s still a platform to share what I love and what inspires me, but it has also provided me with motivation, support, friends and an incredible sense of self. So thank you for being a part of it — my beginning and now my future.


Photo Source: Abbey Moore Photography


  • It looks great! I like the neutral tones with pops of your signature neon colors. It’s like the chic married lady version of your old site! I suggest you link the old url to this new page, and as always I look forward to hearing more from you!

  • Yay! The new blog looks great. I love how you’ve used lots of white and some neutral, with touches of your signature neon! I can’t wait to hear what this new Mrs. has to say!