My Guilty Pleasure is Over.

I’d like to take a minute and pretend that I’m a normal functioning 23-year-old who didn’t completely enjoy the entire “The Hills” experience from beginning (Laguna) to end (last night’s series finale). 

Ok, enough pretending. I am a fully functioning adult who happens to completely love the drama-filled lives, however scripted they may be, of beautiful California twenty-somethings.

Last night was the series finale, which included a tearful goodbye between Kristin (my favorite character) and Brody (so hot) — and then a big reveal of the studio and set that the whole show was filmed on! I never expected that it was real, in fact I knew that it wasn’t, I just loved the drama. So, when they dragged the Hollywood hills backdrop out from behind Brody I was in hysterics. What a wonderful way to end the show. A good “ha ha” to all those who still questioned its reality.
And let’s face it, these girls are fashionistas and the show was almost worth watching for their fashion choices alone…almost.

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