my DIY jewelry board

A few weeks back I wrote an email to Arianna, of Arianna Belle Blog, asking what to do about my lack of jewelry storage and organization. She was so wonderful and followed my question up with a three-part post with TONS of ideas! So, finally I’ve gotten around to posting my creation – my very own DIY jewelry board! It’s still a little rough, I’d like to eventually paint the clothespins & tacks black, but here it is!

I found a frame, the perfect size, at a sidewalk sale in my neighborhood for $0.50 and covered it with fabric I had leftover from another project.
Then, I sewed ribbon onto the fabric in 3″ sections so that it wouldn’t pull from all of the weight and secured tacks on either side to hold my costume rings.
And I got these clothespins for just $1 at JoAnn Fabrics. The whole project was such a steal!

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