it’s friday, let’s celebrate!

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Today is friday and , as if that wasn’t cause enough for celebration, this weekend marks my 7th year of being cancer-free :)

Some days it feels like forever ago, while others feel like it was just yesterday. I was recounting my last day in the hospital with my dad the other day and we both described it as “a fun day.” That probably sounds a little strange to those who haven’t gone through (or been close to someone who has gone through) treatment for an illness like cancer, but honestly it was a great day. After 11 months of trekking back and forth to the hospital for tests, appointments and the overnight stays for treatment, the last day was a breath of much needed fresh air. Friends and family came to visit, the nursing staff said their goodbyes and we counted down the hours and eventually the minutes until I was finally a free woman.

When I think back to that time of my life, I like to remember that night more than anything — when it was clear how much love I had surrounding me. The night that we spent celebrating. And I really wouldn’t mind celebrating with that cake batter shake!

I hope you all are healthy and happy, especially today :) Happy Friday!

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