have it all

Work has been hard lately. I won’t lie, I haven’t loved every second of it, not even close. I have been frustrated, exhausted and even angry, but when I step back to look at what I get to do every day and the people that I get to work with, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. I get paid to create something new, exciting, impactful and sometimes I even get to work on something that is just plain awesome. Those are the good days. And that paired with my amazing husband, family and friends, it seems like I might just have it all, or at least I’m pretty close. Sometimes, I just need a friendly little reminder to tell me so :)

Happy Monday!

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  • I hear you, Sarah. Being a designer is tough sometimes, but I know lots of people who NEVER love their jobs. The fact that we get to feel excited and love what we do on a (semi) regular basis is a pretty awesome thing. And with awesome family and friends to keep you grounded, I’d say your ahead of the game! Thanks for making me feel grateful today.