EWB seeking BFF

Have you read the book MWF Seeking BFF? 

If so, let’s chat about it! (I love talking about books I’ve read — oh, and also TV shows I watch and movies I see.)

If not, you should! It’s this inspiring book about a girl on a mission to find new friends at age 27. And I can relate. It seems like making new friends would be so easy — wasn’t it simple back when we all did it in grade school, or even college? — but it’s not. And I have friends. Some really great ones, in fact. But only a few and they’re all spread out. A couple in the city, a few in the suburbs and a bunch all over the midwest. Who doesn’t want a few good buddies to go to brunch with on Sunday or start a book club with once a month?

So, I’m taking tips straight from the book and I’m reaching out. Instead of Married White Female seeking Best Friend Forever, I’m reaching out to you guys as Engaged White Blogger seeking Blog Friends Forever :) 

Let’s chat about life, love, books, reality TV, weddings, the Kardashians, blogs and everything in-between! If you’re in the Chicago area, even better! Let’s hang out! Blogger meetup anyone?

Sorry if this sounds a little bit forward or a lot desperate, but who couldn’t use more friends? And friends with similar interests to boot! Feel free to email me if you are interested in meeting up or becoming pen pals. I’d love to hear from you :)

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