I recently blogged about going blonde, and so far I’ve been really happy with it! Surprising since I usually get bored so quickly. So, for now, I’d like it to stay!

But it’s not all kittens and rainbows, of course. I want to grow it out, which I’m sure you’ve all done at one point in your lives so you know it is a frustrating process!
When I found these pics of Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba I perked right up. Rachel looks stunning in her blonde curls (something I can do to hide the growing out stages that aren’t so pretty). And Jessica’s long bob is too cute. An idea for a mid-length cut that is simple, and will definitely grow out well.
And then one day, if/when my hair is so beautiful and long (which hasn’t been the case since high school) I can put it up in this gorgeous braided bun. I just can’t stand the waiting!

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