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I haven’t been very active on the old blog this week (even though I said I would…), but I’m always active on Pinterest. It’s my favorite activity—aside from reading a good book—during my commute to and from work. Check out some of my favs this week. And follow me if you don’t already!

Design Me Daily—This week in pins

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Wedding Part Three // Reception

The Party

One thing that Jake and I both put at the top of our wedding priorities list was party pics. We love the editorial style that Miss Abbey Moore is so very good at, obviously, and wanted to capture our family and friends having a blast on our big day. I literally couldn’t have art directed this “photo shoot” any better than how it turned out. Abbey, you are the love of my life. Please follow me around forever. Thanks :)

My dad and I performing our version of the father-daughter dance :)

This is the infamous, ABBEY MOORE, photographer extraordinaire!

Q: Is Abbey a.) adorable b.) a genius c.) super cool or d.) all of the above?
A: d., duh. I love her.

Bride’s attire: Dress / Belt / Shoes / Hair Piece
Groom’s attire: Blazer / Chinos / V-neck // Shoes
Wedding Bands: Bride / Groom

Wedding Part One // Paper

As a woman, I had a few priorities surrounding the wedding — the dress, the venue — but as a designer, I had more than just priorities. I had a laundry list of goodies to create. Everyone offered to help, which is amazing I know, but I couldn’t delegate design tasks to anyone but myself. And as each project was ticked off the list, I felt more and more like our wedding would really feel like us. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Unhealthy Obsession

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I have this unhealthy obsession with wedding stuff. Normally this would not be unhealthy, but under these circumstances…I have a problem. I just got married and I want to redesign my wedding over and over! Not because I’m unhappy with how it turned out — just wait, you’ll see :) — but because I loved the process! How fun to design paper goods for your very own party! But now, it’s time to check back into the present…I just don’t want to!

At least these invites could be for another occasion, or for a friend’s wedding perhaps?

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