this week in pins / 04.11.14

This week in pins / via Design Me Daily blog

I really love making these collages. They’re such great snapshots of my state of mind in those moments. This one is particularly reflective of my state of mind right now—inspired by design, polished but casual style and lots and lots of nature. And there are definitely more where these came from! Check out all the rest of my pins here.

Happy Friday :)


oh hey, april

hello, april / via Design Me Daily Blog

February and March flew by so fast, I can hardly remember what I did. I’m not complaining, though. Starting this month, Jake (the hubby) and I planned our first trip of the year! We’re headed to Zion National Park to hike the famous Angel’s Landing. It’s terrifying and exciting—I honestly can’t wait! So, let’s do this, April. I’m ready.

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feeling beachy + cozy…

Even though most of the country is knee-deep (or in some cases shoulder-deep) in snow right now, all I can do is feel amazing about the sunshine out my window. Or maybe that’s why it feels so good. I know that if I hadn’t moved here, I’d be feeling the bitter cold of Chicago’s winter on my toes. Either way, I’m going to bask in the beachy vibes while I can!

And for all of you who are stuck in the thick of it, here’s some eye candy to help you warm up…


Feeling beachy + cozy... via Design Me Daily Blog

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All that glitters

Now that it’s December, it’s officially time to bring on the bling—well, actually anything glittery, shimmery, shiny, metallic or even remotely sparkly. For whatever reason, the holiday season opens the floodgates for sparkle, and I love it. In fact, my recent purchase of these pants inspired a “bling theme” for this year’s office holiday party. You’re welcome, office. So, here’s a little added inspiration for all of you who have your own theme this year. Go nuts!



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