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Last weekend we helped a friend move into her new apartment in the super hip Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, and it all just made me crave my own new place. Of course, it’s the new furniture, accessories and organization that I craved, not the packing or carrying :)

So immediately I head over to my favorite home blogs and pinterest boards, which is always a terrible idea when you’re on a budget, and I’m drooling. Literally, drooling while scrolling through image after gorgeous image. No question, what caught my eye most was the mix of materials, styles and textures. Whether it was mixing neutrals with neons, wood and metal or traditional and contemporary, I am obsessed. And seriously, who ever thought layering rugs could look so cool??

photo sources: one / two / three / four

cool spaces

I can’t stop staring at all of these beautiful spaces. Oh, how I wish I lived in one of these! Bright white walls, hardwood floors, colorful accessories — or all black and white ones — and pretty patterns everywhere.

image sources // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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