this week in pins / 04.11.14

This week in pins / via Design Me Daily blog

I really love making these collages. They’re such great snapshots of my state of mind in those moments. This one is particularly reflective of my state of mind right now—inspired by design, polished but casual style and lots and lots of nature. And there are definitely more where these came from! Check out all the rest of my pins here.

Happy Friday :)


new favorite style blogger / could i have that?

Could I Have That? / via Design Me Daily blog

I’ve been checking the same blogs for a long time now, so anytime I find a new favorite it’s super exciting. And that’s exactly what happened when I found Could I Have That? yesterday afternoon. I won’t lie to you, I browsed through 2 years worth of outfits…but there were waaaaay too many good ones to include here. Do yourself a favor and find your next outfit inspiration here. You won’t be sorry!

individual outfits // 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



pick two tuesday / summer sun & short shorts

Pick Two Tuesday / Summer Sun & Short Shorts

The weather in SF has been so incredible the past few days, it feels like a dream! I won’t take it for granted, though. I’ll just keep basking in it until I wake up.

palm trees / short shorts

anyone know the original source of the palm trees image? Let me know!



Outfit Envy

Outfit Envy / via Design Me Daily Blog

I am notorious for leaving the house and immediately regretting what I’m wearing. It’s a problem and I’d like to say I’m working on it, but how can you really work on something like that? Buy more clothes? Ok, so I guess I am working on it :)

Either way, I saw this outfit on Asos this morning and I about died. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BE WEARING. RIGHT. NOW. No joke. It’s the perfect Friday outfit.

Outfit Envy / via Design Me Daily Blog


asos  >  booties / tee / jeans / vest


Outfit Envy / via Design Me Daily Blog

one  >  booties / tee / jeans / vest

two  >  booties / tee / jeans / vest

three  >  booties / tee / jeans / vest


New Year / New Balance

I have never been a wear-my-sneakers-with-my-jeans sort of girl. Not that I’m wearing my heels to the grocery store, definitely not, but somewhere in the middle has always been my sweet spot. Well, that was true up until I got my first pair of New Balances. I fell in love and out the window my no-sneakers-unless-you’re-at-the-gym rule went! Now, that’s true love. (and no, this is not a sponsored post!)


New Year / New Balance / Design Me Daily Blog

{ find all of the above New Balance sneakers at Asos }


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