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This week in pins / via Design Me Daily blog

I really love making these collages. They’re such great snapshots of my state of mind in those moments. This one is particularly reflective of my state of mind right now—inspired by design, polished but casual style and lots and lots of nature. And there are definitely more where these came from! Check out all the rest of my pins here.

Happy Friday :)


this week in pins / may 31

I haven’t been very active on the old blog this week (even though I said I would…), but I’m always active on Pinterest. It’s my favorite activity—aside from reading a good book—during my commute to and from work. Check out some of my favs this week. And follow me if you don’t already!

Design Me Daily—This week in pins

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2 Year Anniversary

Today marks my second anniversary working for Pivot Design. My first job out of school was working for a Chicago Real Estate agency.
designing flyers.
with two other designers.
in the basement.

Needless to say, the only direction I could’ve gone was up, and landing the job at Pivot was way, way up.

Two years later, I’m grateful for the people that I’ve met and the experience I’ve gained. I’ve been able to work on some really cool projects, including some of my favorites below. Not every day is a picnic, but more often than not I feel challenged and happy. Pretty soon, I’ll be happily working for Pivot in San Francisco and I’m so full of mixed emotions. It feels like so much more time has passed since I started in 2011 and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Weingarten Save the Date, Smithsonian Institution

The Paris Opéra Ballet, Harris Theater


Ability Lab Mailer, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

2012 Annual Report, University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Website Redesign, BioLife Plasma Services



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