Pick Two Tuesday / B&W

Remember when I posted Pick Two Tuesday photos every Tuesday? Ah, the good ol’ days! Let’s bring that back, starting with a pair of striking black and white images. Graphic and stark in contrast. Look closely at the first one, though…not quite black and white but it’ll do :)

Pick Two Tuesday / B&W via Design Me Daily Blog

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tattoo me now, please


Tattoo Me, pretty pretty please / via Design Me Daily

I’ve got the itch. It’s been over two years since my last tattoo and I’m dying to get my next one. The only problem? What to get?! Good thing I spend my time researching inspiration. So much gorgeous ink out there…

Tattoo Me, pretty pretty please / via Design Me Daily

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this week in pins / may 31

I haven’t been very active on the old blog this week (even though I said I would…), but I’m always active on Pinterest. It’s my favorite activity—aside from reading a good book—during my commute to and from work. Check out some of my favs this week. And follow me if you don’t already!

Design Me Daily—This week in pins

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Hard vs. Soft

I love the classic juxtaposition of hard and soft, feminine and masculine, like these images and illustrations. Feminine women with chiffon and tulle, laced with tattoos and studs. You’ve gotta love a tough girl!

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i am a material girl

We all are, aren’t we? That’s why we scour the internet for summer wedge round-ups and the best new year’s eve sequins, because ultimately we love things and need a place to organize and share them. Of course, we make them look even more beautiful with our own typography and graphic style, but even that is superficial. It’s weird that I’ve never really thought about my obsession with things before staring at this print on pinterest (yes pinterest, the end all, be all of materialism).

Around the holidays it’s good to remember what’s really important. I’m not quite ready to give up my obsession, because — let’s be honest — a girl needs her shoes, but at least it’s on my radar…

"things" poster via design me daily blog

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