Cake Balls

I love finding and collecting recipes. The problem is, I am really bad at cooking/baking/following recipes. I always mess it up! I don’t know why or how, but I do. So, 2011 is the year to take control of this problem and try new things. Another problem, yes I have more than one problem in this department (thought I was perfect, I know), is that I’m lazy. So, in the case of the Red Velvet Cake Balls that I found on The Velveteen Baker I was lazy and got the cake mix in a box and frosting in a can instead of making it from scratch. I know! How terrible when you have the recipe right there! But that’s what I did. Turns out, they’re still really delicious. They just don’t look as nice or really look red at all. More of a cranberry/maroon kind of color. BUT taste is what matters when it comes to food and they tasted awesome. I’d call this a WIN, but just barely :)

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