And I’m Back!

Hey everybody, I’m back! It was AMAZING. I loved every single second of it and the boy totally agrees. And I have photos to share of all of the amazing things I experienced on my first trip to San Fran!

First, the food!
The food was really great, specifically the sushi. yum yum yum! Plus, it was less than a ten-minute wait to get our food. I don’t know if this is normal, but in Chicago that is unheard of! And the mexican food from Tropisueño was so so good. The margarita wasn’t bad either ;)

Of course we were tourists in the city, so we did some touristy things.

Then, we took a walking (and training and busing) tour of San Francisco, hitting neighborhoods all over. Our favorites? Mission District, Haight-Ashbury, Sunset and Richmond District.

Shopping was pretty great too, especially this tiny paper shop in the Mission, Press Works on Paper. The place was so cute and the owner was super friendly and helpful.

On our last day, we went hiking up in Muir Woods across the bridge. The views were breathtaking and the hilltop houses were equally so!

And of course, no trip would be complete without some seriously adorable new duds :)

I hope you enjoyed the guest posters while I was gone. Thanks again Tobe, Val, Natasha & Shannon, Crystalin and Megan!

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