A Lovely Weekend


he always cheers me up
he makes me laugh until i cry
he loves me even when i’m being ridiculous
he’s stuck by me through the tough times
he is so hot
he acts like a kid sometimes – and it’s just what i need
he gives the best hugs
and massages
he’s changed my tires, washed my car, painted the tippity top of my walls, and reached things way up top without me asking
everything else.

I mentioned in my fave things today post that my seven year anniversary was this weekend. We’ve been together since sophomore year in high school. We met the first day of freshman year, sat next to each other in health class. He told me he could see things lasting forever before we even got together. And it’s all history now. I will be back Monday, but for now here are some gooey-mushy-lovey-dovey photos and some celeb couples that make me smile.

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