Wedding Part Two // Ceremony

My wedding day was the best day ever. Every bride must say that, but our wedding day really was amazing. It was entirely us, from the tiny ceremony, to the huge pink balloons, and the 90s pop music that blared out of the speakers. The day could not have been better. It might not have been everyone’s idea of a perfect wedding, but it definitely was ours.

Bride’s attire: Dress / Belt / Shoes / Hair Piece
Groom’s attire: Blazer / Chinos / V-neck // Shoes
Wedding Bands: Bride / Groom

Wedding Part One // Paper

As a woman, I had a few priorities surrounding the wedding — the dress, the venue — but as a designer, I had more than just priorities. I had a laundry list of goodies to create. Everyone offered to help, which is amazing I know, but I couldn’t delegate design tasks to anyone but myself. And as each project was ticked off the list, I felt more and more like our wedding would really feel like us. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Snow Bun


This news has been a long time coming…I mentioned last year that the hubs and I were thinking about a big move to the west coast, and we are finally making it happen!

At the end of June I will be packing up my midwest life, along with my midwest cats, to trek across the country and set up shop in San Francisco. No more snow bun or snow-anything for this girl! It’s going to be an adventure road trip to the most inspiring city I’ve ever been to. We can’t wait to see what California has in store for us and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! The first step in this process, though it may not seem like it, is finally showing you photos of our wedding — a day that marks the beginning of our adventure together.

Stay tuned, folks!

it’s time to wake up

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Since we got back from the holidays, I have done nothing but celebrate my laziness. I am so ready to get motivated and start working on projects, ready myself for the big move this summer and most importantly, stop being such a lump. It’s time to wake up, already!

Happy Monday.


2013 To Do…

2013 sounds so futuristic. Like there should be flying cars and we should be teleporting to work everyday (as opposed to sitting on a train that has been stopped for the past half hour due to “really cold temperatures.” — um, hello! this is Chicago. It’s always cold.). But seriously, doesn’t it seem like we should all be wearing plastic jumpsuits? Well, I’m glad that we’re in the middle of a leather trend instead.

Whether it feels like it or not, it is officially 2013, which means that it’s time for another reflection on accomplishments as well as shortcomings. I’m not one to really make resolutions — they never seem to go anywhere. I do, however, love me a good to do list. So, I decided to put together my 2013 to do list — more manageable than resolutions, but still a few things I hope to improve.


ONE Blog More.
I have been so distracted this past year that I’ve let my side projects, my passions fall by the wayside. And more than that, I haven’t been inspired in forever! 2013 will be a better year for the Design Me Daily Blog. Promise.

TWO Say Yes.
Lately, I’ve found that I say no. A lot. I pass on too much that it seems like I really don’t do much at all. In 2013 I will say yes more often. Even to my husband ;)

THREE Drink Water.
I am weird when it comes to my drinking habits. I’m hardly ever thirsty, which makes it difficult to get enough H2O. So this year, I’m forcing myself to drink more even if it kills me.

FOUR Enjoy Chicago.
It’s strange that I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area for most of my life (and the Midwest for all of it, so far) and I haven’t even begun to explore the city. This year, we will make the most of it, while we’re still here…

FIVE Connect.
I’m always explaining to people how hard I feel staying in touch is, but if you really think about it, it’s not hard at all. More phone calls, emails, texts and dinner dates.

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