happy holidays — see you next year!

This year has been amazing, personally and professionally, and I really couldn’t have asked for more. My one regret is not spending more of my time and energy on Design Me Daily, but don’t worry, I have big plans for her 2013. This week I’m hopping between Chicago, the suburbs of Chicago, back to Chicago, Traverse City, Michigan, Chicago again, and then finally Cancun to start 2013 off right! Until then, friends, happy holidays!

i am a material girl

We all are, aren’t we? That’s why we scour the internet for summer wedge round-ups and the best new year’s eve sequins, because ultimately we love things and need a place to organize and share them. Of course, we make them look even more beautiful with our own typography and graphic style, but even that is superficial. It’s weird that I’ve never really thought about my obsession with things before staring at this print on pinterest (yes pinterest, the end all, be all of materialism).

Around the holidays it’s good to remember what’s really important. I’m not quite ready to give up my obsession, because — let’s be honest — a girl needs her shoes, but at least it’s on my radar…

"things" poster via design me daily blog

So sorry, I couldn’t find a source!

have it all

Work has been hard lately. I won’t lie, I haven’t loved every second of it, not even close. I have been frustrated, exhausted and even angry, but when I step back to look at what I get to do every day and the people that I get to work with, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. I get paid to create something new, exciting, impactful and sometimes I even get to work on something that is just plain awesome. Those are the good days. And that paired with my amazing husband, family and friends, it seems like I might just have it all, or at least I’m pretty close. Sometimes, I just need a friendly little reminder to tell me so :)

Happy Monday!

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