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To me, Thanksgiving is all about comfort. Comfort foods, comfy clothes, comfortable conversation with family members and the comfort of my childhood home and, yes, bed. There’s something pretty great (and sometimes a little bit strange) about waking up in your old bedroom. It’s kind of like waking up as your 15-year-old self again, just for a second before your aching bones and caffeine headache remind you…

Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday around my parents’ house. It’s warm, delicious and always comfortable.

Coming back to my apartment in the city, though, always makes me think of ways to bring that comfortable feeling back with me. Luckily this year I found Arianna Belle’s plush and oh-so-comfy-I-want-to-dive-right-into-them pillows! And lucky for us, she has an amazing Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale going on from this Saturday, November 24 through Monday, November 26. Take 10% off all pillow cover purchases with the code: SSCM12. My favorites are below. I seriously could live in these pillows, they look so amazing!

Chiang Mai Aquamarine / Honeydew Green Velvet / Lime Green La FiorentinaLeopard Linen / Magenta Velvet




There are so many things that I’m thankful for this year — my family, friends, brand new husband and of course my kittens  : ). My health. My career. My consistent sources of inspiration. My growing closet.

But here, in the blog world, I’m mainly grateful for one thing. You.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and coming back to read me daily, weekly, or whenever you’re bored. Honestly I couldn’t thank you guys enough for helping me constantly feel welcome in this amazing, creative community.

Happy Thanksgiving

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