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Personally, I don’t love site intros. I feel like more often than not they are excessive and unnecessary. But this intro for Dustin Hoffman’s web design portfolio is pretty great. Simple, graphic, smart. Plus, it changes colors, and who doesn’t love a little color-change?

timing is everything.

I posted yesterday about decisions and I thought I’d share my most recent decision with you all.

Jake and I (which obviously means just me) have been planning for a Labor Day weekend wedding, getting to the point of almost booking a venue when we both pumped the brakes a bit. What’s the rush? We have so many DIY ideas to execute (ok, that one is really just me) and some great plans this summer (including a bridesmaid’s wedding and a trip to Hawaii). I’m excited to have more time to make a super special wedding day and to hopefully limit the amount of stress I feeel.

Summer 2013, here I come!

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