Pick Two Tuesday { ENGAGED }

Sorry for the break from your regularly scheduled program, but a little somethin’ happened this weekend…and it involved Jake tricking me into going to a tattoo shop and proposing :) I am now engaged (sorry for the many wedding posts to come)!

Want the full story?
okey doke, you asked for it.

First off, I always told Jake that an engagement ring wasn’t important to me. I went back and forth between wanting a simple ring (like this post) and wanting a tattoo (like this). A while back I finally settled on a tattoo engagement and a wedding band for proof… at the bars, ya know?

So, about a month ago my best friend asked me if I would please please please come with her when she got a tattoo. I said of course and then proceeded to ask her a billion questions and talk to her about it incessantly up until the date.

When we got to the tattoo shop Jenn (my bff) asked the artist to sketch her designs. He brought back a sheet of paper covered in swirly symbols, not what she had asked for. I was about to bitch the guy out when Jake said, “oh, looks like a J and an S, like Jake and Sarah are getting married!” I responded cleverly with, “yeah, or Jenn and Sarah!”—dumb I know.

At this point Jake was fed-up with my cluelessness and asked, “will you marry me?”, which of course I didn’t hear. But something must’ve clicked (finally) and I said, “wait, really?” And we kissed then got inked and here we are. Engaged.

Some of you don’t know me as well as others, but if you do you’ll also know how perfect this was. Both for me and for us as a couple. The symbol is special not only because it was designed by my best friend, but it is something that Jake used to doodle in high school, when we first started dating. This is obviously a prettier version, which makes it that much better :)

Oh, and then we went to lunch/brunch at Pauline’s in Andersonville, Chicago. It was adorable and delicious. A perfect day :)

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