Check me out

Hey guys! I’m taking a break from my break to share something exciting in my blogging life! I was featured on The Fresh Exchange yesterday in the first-ever “Behind the Blog” series!

I was so happy to get an email from the amazing Megan behind The Fresh Exchange, and I just couldn’t refuse! Once you’re done checking my feature out, you have to look at the rest of her beautiful blog. Seriously, it’s gorgeous.
Thanks Megan!

DMD will BRB

Sorry for the radio silence, everyone, but this gal needs a break, that’s fo sho. I’ve been so busy working that I just can’t seem to balance my life right now. But trust me, I will be back and I’ll be so excited to share what I’ve been up to! And I’ll still be pinning occasionally, so be sure to check back here and there to see what I’m up to if you’re just DYING to know :)
Thanks for visiting DMD, I hope to be back soon!
Bye for now!

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