2011: the year of productivity

So, I am not really one for resolutions. I always feel like I say I want to do things, lots of things, and then I go to work and forget that I even planned to do something in the first place! It’s a frustrating process!
But I do love lists, especially to-d0-lists because crossing things off is oh-so-satisfying. So, this year, thanks to many inspiring ladies in the blog world (Sydney, Jordan, Anne, Melanie, Mackenzie and Kelly) I’ve created a list for myself of things that are definitely do-able and absolutely necessary for my own sanity/happiness/productivity. I have a good feeling about 2011, though…I guess we’ll see!
1. Make new unique pieces to add variety to my portfolio
2. Go on a (road) trip with J
3. Do something creative every day
4. Try new recipes + create a collection of favorites
6. Take more pictures!!
7. Make an effort to be a better friend – set aside time for friends
8. Find a job that I love
9. Expand my blog – create daily posts and keep it consistent!
10. Get healthy!
11. Do more freelance work
12. Start an Etsy shop
13. Edit my closet + keep only the must-haves and things that FIT
14. Curb stupid purchases. Having 3 different mascaras is stupid.
15. Keep a planner all year
16. Spend more QT with J + go on more dates together
17. Take advantage of living in an amazing city
18. Be more crafty. DIY projects are a must in 2011
19. Incorporate more color in my closet **red + brown especially
20. Write thank you notes + send postcards to loved ones
21. Be more positive + do less complaining!
22. Listen more.
23. Get more tattoos!
24. Update my portfolio as soon as new projects are completed
25. Go to a blogger meetup!
image via Pretty Stuff

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