Fave Things // 06.30.10

+ connecting with old friends.
+ excessive blogging time.
+ reading a magazine at lunch.
+ $2 starbucks frapaccino.
+ finding pretty things.
+ spring (er, summer) cleaning at the office.
+ a new ‘do.

Guzman Y Gomez

The Creative Method, an Australian design studio, branded this taco shop to perfection. Guzman Y Gomez was given a typographic, almost newspaper-like, twist with their new identity and packaging. Of course I love the white/black/yellow combination, but the way that TCM blended the retro typography with the sort of kitschy-taco-hut type takes it to a whole other level.

And just take a second to swoon over their entrance doors…oooooh!

The Bad Words Experiment

In Brooklyn this past February a group of local creatives set up a gallery around the concept “Bad Words” and had the artists create pieces based on what that concept meant to each individual. The outcome (The Bad Words Experiment) is spectacular. I wish I had been in NY to see it in person! I love the look they created for the event and the invitation/poster suite is so solid. Brilliant work by Juan Carlos Pagan, Cindy Rodriguez, and Gaius Benbow

A Perfect Grey

I was pulled aside once in a Forever 21, after trying on several dresses for an upcoming event and deciding on this one. The woman told me, nicely, that grey was just not my color. Since then I have not given up grey, though I do wear it sparingly, but I think about her every time I look in my closet in the color-coded grey section. 

So, stumbling across this photo today made me long to wear head-to-toe grey and look just as fabulous. Unfortunately, my freckled-Irish skintone and dirty blonde hair just won’t allow it. 


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