wedding fever.

This inspiration board and save the dates are so adorable! I love the colors and that tie and the bottom is SO cool! And one of my very best friends just got engaged, as well as my boyfriend’s sister. So, I have a lot of wedding designing to do in the very near future! All inspiration is welcome :)

musical wedding toast. amazing.

This is the most amazing wedding toast ever. I love the song and the fact that they went to so much trouble to get everyone involved. It’s completely adorable.

personal project, magazine spreads.

This semester I’ve been a busy bee, working on everything for my portfolio and for some reason I decided to take on the task of developing this project on my own and completing it before the BFA exhibition (which goes up this Sunday!).

I got the text for this project from various sources online, but the photography and typography are original. If you want to check out this and other projects that I’ve designed, please visit my portfolio website (soon to be updated)

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