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Living in San Francisco definitely has its perks—mountains and wilderness for days, food trucks on every street, street fairs every weekend—but in the summer, it doesn’t feel quite like summer. So, my Pinterest boards have been piling up with summertime photos—shorts, tanks, camping, beaches, palm trees, anything I can get my hands on! At least I can live vicariously through the rest of you :)

Summer Pins / Design Me Daily Blog

Time for spring!

Spring! / via Design Me Daily blog

Apparently, this weekend was unofficially the first day of Spring. All over Instagram, people traveled to their neighborhood nursery (myself included!) to snatch up some new greens for their homes. I’ll take that as proof that Spring has sprung :)

Finding the right indoor plant is tricky. You need to assess what quality of light your home offers and what size plant you’re able to accommodate. And of course you need to choose the one that fits your aesthetic best! We came away with a Norfolk pine to fill our large 13″ pot—which originally had a gorgeous coconut tree planted in it. Unfortunately, we didn’t do our research before we purchased the coconut and suffice it to say, coconuts are not ideal for San Francisco or indoors. We also nabbed a couple of small succulents and a cactus to add to our collection. All in all, I’d say we’re starting spring off right!

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Our crazy weekend roadtrip

If you’re following me on any type of social media then you already now how epic my trip to Zion was a couple of weeks ago. If not, here’s a little taste :)

We roadtripped from San Francisco, CA to Springdale, UT, which took us about 13 hours [yikes!]. On Saturday, we spent the whole day hiking Angel’s Landing [amazing], and then toured the rest of the park on foot. Emerald Pools was so beautiful and the park in general was stunning. I’ve never been anywhere so breathtakingly beautiful before.

Zion Trip / via Design Me Daily Blog

// All photos taken by me and my hubby


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